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Regional Trade Statistics Latest Release

Fourth Quarter 2015

Date:  03 March 2016 
Coverage:   United Kingdom
The graph below shows the total value of the UK’s import and export trade in goods for the annual period ending December 2015.


Key points
In the year to December 2015, the value of UK trade in goods exports decreased by 2.7 per cent and imports fell by 2.4 per cent.
  • Of the four UK countries, England and Northern Ireland saw increases in exports during the year.
  • There was a decrease in annual export value for all England regions except the West Midlands, London, South East and South West.
  • The largest export partner by value for England, Wales and Scotland is USA. Irish Republic is the largest export partner for Northern Ireland.
  • The partner countries with the largest increase were USA for England and Northern Ireland, Gibraltar for Wales and Saudi Arabia for Scotland.
  • The value of UK imports fell for England, Wales and Scotland but rose for Northern Ireland.
  • There was a decrease in annual import value for the North West, the West Midlands and the East. All other English regions increased.
  • The largest import partner by value for both England and Wales is Germany. For Scotland it is the USA and for Northern Ireland it is Irish Republic.
  • The partner countries with the largest increase were China for England, Wales, South Korea for Scotland and USA for Northern Ireland.
You can find details of how users interested in import and export markets for specific goods make use of the detailed OTS data in ‘The User Story’. You can also access the detailed data in our interactive database.
Statistical contact:
James Durnford 
Tel: 03000 593683

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