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Tax & Duty Bulletins


All bulletins provide a full historic series of data detailing amounts of goods cleared and amount of duty collected. This information is provided on a monthly, calendar and financial year basis.

In addition, each bulletin provides information on historic duty rates together with commentary on the history of the duties.

The datasets are compiled using information taken from traders' returns and from Departmental Accounting Systems.

The Bulletins are Crown Copyright . Information may be used provided that the source is acknowledged.

Changes to Indirect Tax Statistical Releases

During 2019 HMRC will be making gradual improvements to the series of statistical releases on Indirect Taxes. As part of these improvements we will be publishing all publications in the same place, hosted on the website.

Title Source Released Period View Archive
Hydrocarbon Oils Duties National Statistics 19 Jun 2020 May 2020 Download Archive
Climate Change Levy National Statistics 31 Dec 2019 Nov 2019 Download Archive

Archived Bulletins

Bulletin Title Source View Archive
​Landfill Tax ​National Statistics Archive
Betting, Gaming & Lottery Duties National Statistics Archive
Value Added Tax National Statistics Archive
Beer and Cider Duties National Statistics Archive
Made Wine Duties National Statistics Archive
Spirits Duties National Statistics Archive
Tobacco Duties National Statistics Archive
Wine of Fresh Grape Duties National Statistics Archive
Insurance Premium Tax National Statistics Archive
Aggregates Levy National Statistics Archive
Alcohol Duty National Statistics Archive
Air Passenger Duty National Statistics Archive


Statistical Factsheets

The factsheets draw upon a broader range of material than the statistical bulletins and analyse the subject matter in greater detail. Graphs, tables and charts are used to present a variety of data and to communicate information to the user. In places, commentary is provided to support the data. Factsheets are not National Statistics and therefore their production dates are not fixed.

The Factsheets are Crown Copyright. Information may be used provided that the source is acknowledged. This permission does not extend to material identified as the copyright of a third party. Permission to reproduce this material must be obtained directly from the copyright holder.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) factsheet was previously published on this site, but the Annual VAT Statistics publication (which replaces the VAT factsheet from 2017-18 onwards) is now hosted on GOV.UK.

Archived Factsheets

Factsheet Title View Archive
Hydrocarbon Oils Duties Archive
Insurance Premium Tax Archive
Environmental Taxes Archive
Air Passenger Duty Archive
​Betting Gaming & Lottery Duties Archive
​Tobacco Duties ​Archive
​Alcohol Duties ​Archive
​Value Added Tax ​Archive