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Information Pack


Technical Specifications

The technical specifications detailing the format and content of each file are listed below:

SMKA12 Control file

SMKE19 Non-EU Exports Data file

SMKI19 Non-EU Imports Data file

SIAI11 - This has now been replaced by the Inporters details file

Importers Importers Name and Address file

Exporters Exporters Name and Address file

SMKA46 Arrivals and Dispatches Data files

SESA16 Arrivals and Dispatches Estimate files


Data Retailers

A number of businesses use our trade data to offer value-added products and services for paying customers. Consenting businesses are included in the contact list detailed on the User Support page under ‘Alternative Sources’.

If you are downloading our data for similar purposes, and wish to be added to our contact list, please email uktradeinfo@hmrc.gov.uk with details, including company name, postal, email and web addresses.

Inclusion of these details does not constitute an endorsement by HMRC, and it reserves the right to remove them at any time.

The downloadable data is organised in six sets of flat files:
  • Control Files - including descriptions for each 8 digit commodity code and the standard abbreviations for units
  • Exports - containing data for goods exported from the UK to all countries excluding the European Union (EU)
  • Imports - containing data for goods imported to the UK from all countries excluding the EU
  • Trader Files - names, addresses and post codes of UK importers from and exporters to countries excluding the EU
  • Dispatches - containing data (including estimates) for goods exported from the UK to all
    EU countries
  • Arrivals - containing data (including estimates) for goods imported to the UK from all EU countries
For the Dispatches and Arrivals data files, late declarations and scheduled revisions are incorporated into the month of trade to which the declaration or revision applies. For Exports and Imports data files, declarations from previous months are incorporated in the month they are received. Scheduled revisions are reflected as amendments. This is because of the different collection methodologies for trade with and outside of the EU.
Unscheduled revisions cannot be applied to these data files as they are not amendable once produced and published. For further information regarding revisions and to view announcements of past unscheduled revisions that must be taken into account when using these files, see Suppressions and Revisions
An accompanying information pack (including data dictionary) is provided to help users understand the downloadable files. It is available in the 'Further Information' box on the left hand side of this page.