​Trade challenge

Data users who believe the detailed, published trade data to be incorrect may contact HMRC Trade Statistics to challenge the data quality. To do so, the user should email Customer Services, providing details of: the period, flow (import, export, arrival, dispatch), the full detail of the line of trade, the specific field value being queried (with potential alternative if known), and stating why they consider it to be incorrect.
The challenge will be acknowledged, allocated a reference number and investigated subject to resource availability and potential impact. This may take a considerable period of time as documentary evidence such as copy invoices may be required from a large number of businesses involved in the trade. If it is not possible to investigate, users will be informed.
If the published data are found to be incorrect, a revision will be made in accordance with the OTS Policy on Revisions (see 'Policies and Methodology'). The user making the challenge will not be provided with specific details of the revision to be made. The revised data will be released to all users concurrently via this website, in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.