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Currency of Invoicing - UK

The Currency of Invoice for UK trade with countries outside the EU has been collected under EU legislation since 2010.
We publish the currency of invoicing analysis annually. The next publication will be available in September 2015.
The data is not available for trade with EU Member States. This is because the information is not collected as part of the Intrastat system.

UK Statistical releases

Release for 2013 Data

Release for 2012 Data

Release for 2011 Data

Release for 2010 Data

Currency of Invoicing - Eurostat

Eurostat also publish Currency of Invoicing data biennially starting from the 2010. The data published by Eurostat will not match the UK releases because of the different systems for recording trade.
Users can access the dataset published by Eurostat here:
Two predefined tables: Imports and Exports for 2010