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Consultation: Regional Trade Statistics (RTS) - future and methodology 21 Oct 2015

HMRC Trade Statistics is launching an informal consultation on the future and methodology of the Regional Trade Statistics (RTS).
The main reasons we are reviewing the RTS are:
  • To ensure the statistics produced are fit for purpose and still required by users;
  • To look at options that improve the usability and quality of the statistics produced;
  • To harmonise if possible with the methodologies employed for other regional based statistics produced across the Government Statistical Service (GSS);
  • To identify the right balance between producing statistics at regions / locations, with product and partner country; but still ensuring disclosure controls;
  • To improve the accuracy of number of businesses count, incorporating additional data sources if possible.
Information concerning the current RTS, including recent releases and methodology can be found here.

The consultation document / response form can be found below:

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This consultation closes on 8th January 2016.