Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I get the security alert message: 'Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded' when I try to download the 'CSV Generator'?

This means the security settings on your browser may need changes. Please make sure your browser version is up to date.

Why do I get the error message 'Trader or Agent Header Missing' when I upload my csv file?

If you have created your csv file in Excel, it may have inserted some spurious characters.

  • Open the file in a text editor (such as notepad). This will display any spurious characters or formatting that Excel may have added.
  • Edit the file and save.
  • It may be easier to use the CSV Generator Tool available to download from the Main Menu of the Electronic Intrastat System, which has been pre-formatted.

When I uploaded my csv file, I got the error message: 'Bad CSV File Invalid CSV Header, Invalid Agent/Trader flag: corrupt or incomplete header'. I have checked my file and it looks OK, so why am I getting this message?

When you have browsed your csv file for uploading, please do not edit the file-path that is displayed when you select your file. If you do, you will get this error message. If you have spaces in your file path you will need to move your file to a folder that doesn't have a space in the name.

Why do I get an Invalid VAT number; '1E+08' message when uploading a CSV file?

A CSV file in a Scientific format and it changes some of the fields. (E.g. the VAT registration number changes to 1E+8', when the file was opened in Excel).
Widen the field and the VAT number will return.

Why do I get the error message 'Processing Error, file is not a csv' or similar, when I know it is a csv file?

Some browser versions truncate the filename when it is uploaded to our server and the file loses its file extension. Rename the file to contain five characters plus the file extension, (for example, jun00.csv).

Why does the confirmation screen display nil values when I upload my csv file?

Please check that you have put an 'X' in the 'declaration' field in the header details and not an 'N' (X indicates live data, while N indicates it is a nil return and it will ignore any data supplied)

I have successfully submitted my csv file, but the values on the confirmation screen are not correct. Why is this?

If you are submitting credit notes as well as other values the total does not calculate the amount for that submission, so the total value amount may not reflect the true amount. This is only displayed in the 'Confirm Submission Screen, the true calculated values will be correctly processed.

How can I correct errors on my CSV file when it was a pre-prepared Software package?

Errors can be corrected by opening the file in a Text creator (like Notepad) or opening the file in Excel and using the Text to Column wizard found in the Data menu.

Why do I get the error message 'The file format you have tried to submit is not recognised, please try another'?

You may have uploaded an Excel file (.xls) - the file needs to be a csv file.

  • Open the file in Excel, click on 'Save As', select 'Save File as Type: csv (comma delimited)';
  • click OK, a dialogue box is presented warning that the 'selected file type will only save active sheet';
  • click OK.

Why did I get a script error when I upload my CSV?

It could be that you have erroneous characters e.g. a slash (/) separating the date: (e.g. 06/05/02). Simply remove the slash.

It is a good idea to open the file in notepad to see if there are any other hidden characters.

Why has the commodity code I have always used now been rejected?

The commodity code for your goods may have changed. The system has been upgraded to match the period with the valid commodity code for that year. The correct commodity codes are available on this site on the ICN Online page.

Can't find the answer to your question?

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