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2019 Combined Nomenclature

2020 Combined Nom​enclature (Excel version: codes, text & quantities only) - please see official CN for full details.


About CN

The Combined Nomenclature (CN) that classifies goods at 8-digit level has been in use as an  integrated classification for both Duty purposes and for trade statistics since 1 January 1988. Because of the introduction of intra-EC trade statistics (INTRASTAT) from 1 January 1993, the Intrastat Classification Nomenclature (ICN) has been compiled. It also provides details of 8-digit classifications and is made available to all businesses required to submit supplementary declarations. 

For extra-EC trade the Integrated Tariff of the United Kingdom, adapted from the CN, must be used for the purpose of completing the Single Administrative Document (SAD) for both imported and exported goods.