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Minimum Requirements

To ensure correct functionality of the site, the minimum browser requirement is Internet Explorer 8. Javascript must also be enabled.

How do I make the text bigger so that it is easier for me to read?

Some users might find screen text easier to read by increasing the size at which text is displayed. To do this you can adjust your browser’s settings as detailed below.
  • Using Internet Explorer, go to View > Text size > and select the size you want
  • Using Firefox, go to the View menu, select Zoom and then either Zoom in (Ctrl ++), Zoom Out (Ctrl +-) or Reset Ctrl + 0. Alternatively you can choose the Zoom Text only option.
  • Using Opera, View > Zoom > and select the size you want
  • Using Chrome, click on the triple dot icon (top right of page) >zoom  +.

To change the size of the browser window

On the ‘View’ menu, click on ‘Full Screen’ or press F11
Press F11 to return to the default width browser

Make web pages easier to read

In Internet Explorer:
On the ‘Tools’ menu, click on ‘Internet Options’
Click on the ‘Accessibility’ button
Select one or more of the options available to improve visibility.

To turn on Compatibility View

Sometimes a website you're visiting doesn't look like you expect it to. This can be caused by a compatibility problem between Internet Explorer and the site you're on. When a site is incompatible with Internet Explorer, you'll see the Compatibility View button next to the Address bar.
  • See if the Compatibility View button appears next to the Address bar. (If you don't see the button, there's no need to turn on Compatibility View.)
  • Click the Compatibility View button to display the site in Compatibility View.
Please note: If you are using Microsft Edge as your browser Compatability View is not included in its design. If a page does not load properly please try using Internet Explorer prior to contacting our Customer Services team.

What are PDFs and how do I read them?

PDF stands for Portable Document File. You need a plug-in called Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files which you can download for free from Adobe's website.
Users who have concerns about accessibility should visit Adobe's accessibility website. Recent versions of Acrobat Reader have a Read Out Loud facility, which can be found under the View menu.

How can I view a Microsoft Office files if I don't have Office software?

Word, Excel and PowerPoint viewers are available from the Microsoft Download Center.